Lloguer d’espais

Francesc Cambó room

Space with maximum capacity for 190 people. At 245 m2 the hall has a floor plan (for 130 people) and an amphitheatre (60 people). The space is notable for its monumentality and the great artistic value of the ceiling, which is Mozarabic in inspiration.


  • Conference:

    130 + 60 people

  • Banquet:

    65 people

  • U-shaped table:

    40 people


  • Large-format video projection (3 x 1,87)
  • 3,11 x 1,98 m screen
  • Desktop monitor to display content to speakers
  • AMX control via PDA of the audio-visual and lighting system
  • Audio and video matrices with connection to mixers
  • HD video cameras
  • Extra lighting for TV
  • Wireless simultaneous translation
  • Fixed and wireless microphones

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