Welcome outside! Breath in Art Nouveau!

It’s time to enjoy ourselves again. It’s time to rediscover the biggest Art Nouveau complex in the world without leaving Barcelona. 

The constructive characteristics of the Art Nouveau Site ensure the safety of all visitors. Domènech i Montaner designed a small city made up of freestanding buildings set in 16,000 square metres of gardens.

The hygienist influence, along with the characteristics of Modernisme, the Catalan Art Nouveau, was translated into spacious rooms; the use of construction materials such as tiles and marble that facilitated cleaning and disinfection; and the application of measures to guarantee natural lighting and ventilation of the spaces.

Give in to the temptation of beauty, calm and history. Come and enjoy a space that makes you feel free without leaving the city. Breathe deep. Breathe in Art Nouveau.

The Fundació Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau will allocate the proceeds of your visit to supporting the Hospital’s healthcare and research activity, and promoting various social projects.


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