ISEA2022: digital art exhibition 'Possibles'

Thursday 9 June - 11:00

From  the 9th to the 30th of  June, the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site will host the ‘Possibles’ digital art exhibition in the Convent pavilion, one of the highlights of the ISEA2022 International Electronic Art Symposium, which is being held in Barcelona this year.

"Modernism is a transversal movement with an international resonance that has distinguished itself by integrating all kinds of creators and trades in order to make their proposals a reality, challenging the limits of the possible. Taking this interdisciplinary and experimental legacy and transporting it to the codes of the 21st century, digital art reflects that same spirit, bringing together artists, scientists and technologists to build new possible worlds. "

The exhibition can be accessed with the entrance ticket to the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site from 11 to 18.30 h.


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