Installation: The Garden of Earthly Delights

Pavelló de la Puríssima
Wednesday 1 July - 19:00July - September

A recreation of the original work of Hieronymus Bosch made up of images seen through researchers’ microscopes. Until 24 May, La Puríssima Pavilion hosts 24 May, the installation The Garden of Earthly Delights, a work in which digital artist Anna Rierola reproduces Bosch’s work of the same name by means of images seen under the microscopes of researchers while studying different processes and stages of life.

This is the second art and science exhibition hosted by Sant Pau, organised jointly by the Art Nouveau Site, Quo Artis Foundation and the Barcelona Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB).

Anna Rierola, the IRB’s first Artist in Residence, was inspired by Bosch’s painting because the garden is represented as a harmonious, connected, beautiful whole in which each element plays a part in a complex, self-organised system. The artist says about life: “When there is judicious integration, everything functions and there is no disease; but when this relationship disappears, the system ceases to be an integrated unit, and disease and end of life appear.”

The work addresses the way we relate with our surroundings and how we can protect them. In this way, it helps us to consider a more sustainable society.

The exhibition forms part of the regular layout of the visit to the Art Nouveau Site. You’ll need a ticket to visit it, or you can make the most of doors open days on the first Sunday of the month, Sant Jordi and Museum Night.