First Quality of Life and Breast Cancer Day


This Saturday, 6 June, the Art Nouveau Site becomes a space committed to the quality of life of people who’ve had breast cancer. From 10:00 to 19:00, admission will be free to encourage citizen participation in the various activities programmed at the First Quality of Life and Breast Cancer Community Day.

This get-together is the first of its kind in Spain and is organized by the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. It also aims to raise money to start research in this field at the Hospital’s Research Institute.

The Administration Pavilion and the gardens of the Art Nouveau Site will host most of the programmed events: medical talks, holistic workshops, physical activities... The main building will be hosting talks about the illness from an informative viewpoint: the treatments currently being given, coping emotionally with the condition, its side effects for health in general, the social impact it has, combining illness with working life... Workshops are also planned on oncology aesthetics and nutrition.

But the First Quality of Life and Breast Cancer Community Day also has an important artistic and fun side; exhibitions of photography and sculpture, and audiovisual screenings will be set up in various spaces of the Art Nouveau complex. The gardens will also be the site of yoga and fitwalking classes, performances by the castellers human towers and the gegants giant figures of La Sagrada Família, an exhibition of swing organized by BCN Swing and a concert with Gòspel Gràcia to close the day’s events.