• Obdara Trio

    Pau Gil HallSunday 11 February - 19:00

    Obdara Trio will be offering a repertoire on the themes of Cuban popular and cultured music in a tribute to famous Caribbean musicians such as Ignacio Cervantes, Enresto Lecuona and Leo Brouwer, as well as including original works by Cuban composers Eduardo Martín and Wilfredo Do

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  • The pharmacy of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, pioneering and transformative

    Francesc Cambó HallThursday 15 February - 19:00

    The history of the Hospital de la Santa Creu goes back to 1401. The pharmacy has been present at the Hospital from the outset, first in a not so professional way and, later, pioneering and advanced, as one of the few hospitals with its own pharmaceutical service.

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  • Apel·les Carod (violin) and Cristian Hernández (guitar)

    Pau Gil HallSunday 25 February - 19:00

    Violinist Apel·les Carod and guitarist Cristian Hernández form a lyrical, dynamic jazz duo.

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  • Tri-tò Brass Ensemble

    Pau Gil HallSunday 11 March - 19:00

    Tri-tò Brass Ensemble was formed in 2015 to promote the chamber repertoire for brass quintets. Since it was created, it has devoted itself to an eclectic musical repertoire, with authors of all ages and styles, including both Renaissance and present-day pop music composers.

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  • How do you build an Art Nouveau hospital?

    Francesc Cambó HallThursday 15 March - 19:00

    The construction of any building involves the participation of a large number of professionals in various fields.

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